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Appellate Gambit

Appellate Gambit
About some «consequences» of judicial reform a magazine has already published the articles , in particular «Achievement of judicial reform – it is only the increase of judges salary and all.»  Also a few articles about events around repair-sediment to the point of cutters and boats, that on Vudybudzkomy lake in the Pecherskuy district of Kyiv.
An edition  continued to look after a motion of consideration of this business in a court. Remember, on August, 21 of this year judicial assembly consist of Sitaylo Lesya , Kalatai Nadiya , and Pashkina Svitlana  in presence all sides of process, representatives of society of the Kievan boatmen and journalists.They have considered petition of appeal and heard all sides of process but without regard to absence of solicitors of sides, a judicial assembly awarded judgement in relation to reserve the discussion on October, 16 of this year. And now we can understand why.
Reform of Courts of Appeal began with adoption of the Decree of the President of Ukraine of December 29, 2017 No. 454/2017 "About liquidations of Economic Courts of Appeal and Education them in appeal districts". But according to Part 6 of Article 147 of the Law of Ukraine of "About Judicial System and the Status of Judges" courts that are liquidated, stop implementation of justice after publication in the Golos Ukrainy newspaper. but officially courts continued the work even after the translation of all the judges to again vessels. So are transferred by the Decree of the President of Ukraine of September 28, 2018 No. 295/2018 of judges of the Kiev Economic Court of Appeal to work at a position of judges of Northern Economic Court of Appeal. At the same time the translation occurred on others vessels.
It is very good if the course of events to inform members of production and the public on all these. But there is a result.
On the third of October the Kiev Economic Court of Appeal stopped implementation of justice with the publication in the Golos Ukrainy newspaper in which it is told about the beginning of work of Northern Economic Court of Appeal.
Thus on the official site of appeal economic court of Kiev remain report about time of meeting and consideration of causes have already official liquidated court.

Considering time for formal transfer of affairs to again vessels, then distribution and acquaintance of affairs between judges, trials of affairs will be begun not earlier than elections, participants of trial will be will be reported compliance with requirements of the current legislation. These are questions which directly concern development of national economy. About the further movement of affairs and also appointments them to consideration in Northern Court of Appeal and in others. Namely after the last meeting of new court which decision it will be sent ​​ to members it will be not earlier not earlier than spring, or it is possible to come to court and to see announcements of the termination to a progress of the case for an indefinite term.

Now it is clear why the meeting about Repair and settling point of boats and boats was postponed. Judges already were "on suitcases" therefore they did not want to be responsible for it, "businessmen", this conscious decision and in whose advantage it is already visible still dispose of property of community...


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