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Will be children's wind-driven sport? Chapter one. Sail of hope

Children's sailing in Ukraine and corruption schemes
The sharpening  situations on questions disposing of the landed resources are the usual phenomenon in our daily routin. It touches all spheres of our life. Closed in the question’s  decision of distributing and using of earth in Kyiv it gives some smart dealers to use it not on purpose.One of examples,  which was folded round Specialized child-youth sporting school of olympic reserve from the wind-driven sport (Kyiv, Pririchna St, 30, code of EDPNOU 14293000) and Complex child-youth sporting school «Mayak » (m. Kyiv, street of Pririchna, 30-A, code of EDPNOU, 26200127).

Public organizations, which became the founders of these schools in a doubtful mean, by the leaders of these schools try under a protection child's wind-driven sport and in an illegal to take possession, by earths and property which belongs to society and which is owned to these schools in a propert for development of child's and youth sport, for forming here of olympic reserve.
A bit history of this question. In decision of Kyivmiskrada from 27.02.2003 №289/449 piece of the earth 3,32 hectares (A bay is «Sobache Gurlo») in Obolon district was transferred to the long-term lease on 25 years  Kyiv city advice for exploitation and maintenance of SDYUSHOR. And also to Management of enterprises of public service of city executive committee for building of rest’s area and  the beach with the life-saving station  in Obolon distric(the cession of property was carried out in 1992 year).

Kiev city advice of trade unions it agrees with this decision on 16.09.2004 concluded to the proper agreement with SDYUSHOR. The founder of which was Kiev city  athletic-sporting society «Ukraine». The objects of the real estate of SDYUSHOR were built due to a trade-union money and society for occupying the wind-driven sport . In agreeswith the decision of Kiev city advice from 22.12.2015 №62/62 a consent was given to acceptance of SDYUSSHOR to community property of territorial society of city. Also, the proper commissions were given addition in relation to its financing. In 2017 from «incomprehensible» reasons and with violation of requirements of legislation in the complement of founders of SDYUSHOR Public organizations entered «Society of assistance development of the wind-driven sport» (code 34839758) and «Society of sportsmen-veterans of the wind-driven sport» (code 34839784).

Additional  information. By the law of Ukraine «On a physical culture and sport» and Statute about child-youth sporting school, ratified the decision of Cabinet Ukraine from 05.11.2008 ¹ 993, certainly, that financing child-youth sporting schools carried out due to the money of proprietor (founder) and other sources,which are not forbidden a legislation.

The information was gotfrom Department of young people and sport of KMDA (a letter is from 18.10.2018 №078-833) the founders of SDYUSHOR renounce to execute  decision of Kyivrada and to pass school in community property. However, these founders do not wish to take part in maintenance of school, transfer  financial maintenance on the budget of city.

But these founders have funds for territories of school services on parking and repair of yachts which have no relation to sports school are provided, the rent (charitable contributions) became more and for other public organizations which by agreement with sports school hold sailing competitions and train children and youth. It means that for yachts which are used for sports trainings there will not be enough place in the territory of sports school. So, want to take away school and an opportunity to participate in competitions from children.

It is known some information, that for the vessel’s parking a small ship take from 1900 hryvnyas (in a month), and on a berth more than 20 of yachts. There are not look like on sporting ships stand near  SDYUSHOR.

And a lease of small room is for storage of cordages, and others like that or little slipway yet not less than 5000 Uah per month.Electricity bill and other services for maintenance of ships pay additionally by arrangement. (Will pay attention to such fact - a lease for all piece of earth of SDYUSHOR in 2018 year is about 4987 Uah per month, but payment is carried out due to the budget of  Kyiv.) Rhetorical question – who does a money go?

It is clear, that all means go to pockets, the specified heads. And instead of assistance to development about what it is written down in the charter of sports school and according to rules of Children's sports schools, and contrary to them, proceeds plunders of property of school.

Also guidance of school covers the actions of staff wich to organized of services in repair and maintenance of commercial ships (yachts) instead of child's boats and gun-carriages, but, a money  go to the pockets of auxiliary personnel and that guidance again. Child's school is proposed these in the not best world, where must be education of rising generation , but don’t use school, as a mean for the protection of commercial transactions. (About plundering of property schools are testified by the opened criminal introductions and the criminal cases of last years .

To this time only Kiseliov Evgen Mukhailovuch who was President GO «LASER» restrained persons interested the authority to be made on children, he sent all forces of public to development and distribution of the wind-driven sport, to the leadthrough of competitions among young sportsmen. He assisted development of school and renewal and enhancing the prestige of windsurfing in Ukraine, namely in Kyiv, with possibility forming of olympic reserve. With Kiseliov Evgen Mukhailovuch's death, the sad event took place in June of this year. It is bereavement not only for school, but also for the Ukrainian sport, the management of school stopped hiding the purposes.

The public and collective of trainers of SDYUSHOR, is displeased at the state of action, they can not have to  educate possibility a new sporting generation and new Olympians for the country, which all Ukrainians would be proud of. Therefore public and unindifferent   city dwellers  to save school for children and young people. The school must be  develop a children wind-driven sport.

Only respect to Constitution, the observance of Law’s norms must become thebegining of European civilized civil society, which will provide possibility a young generation independently to determine the future, also sporting.

About the legal aspects and charts of raiding of SDYUSHOR  and sporting schools it will be considered in other article.


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