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Illegal construction in the territory of Shevchenko's university: manifestations of corruption or negligence? Part 2

Illegal construction in the territory of Shevchenko's university
We remind that in the first article of this cycle we in detail told about illegal construction in the territory of Shevchenko's university to the address Melnikov St., 36/1 by results of studying of the received documents. The fact that this construction was not noticed by officials of the University in this situation is especially interesting. Even after the begun protest actions, the management of the known higher education institution continued to ignore a problem.
25.07.2018 during the meeting of representatives of the public, journalists of the  All-Ukrainian magazine "Korruptsioner in Ukraine" issues of rather illegal construction, origin concrete - a covering on the site and inaction were discussed with the Vice rector for administrative work Legky Sergey Vladimirovich from officials of the University, in particular, by Legky. As a result of negotiations agreed that the University will provide the written answer about those responsible persons who allowed violations, and the taken measures for correction of consequences of offense.

Considering specified, the editorial office made the corresponding journalistic inquiry of 03.08.2018 in GU state of emergency in Kiev also received the following answer:

Here It should be noted that business was opened already directly after active actions from the public, but that was made in a year unclear.
By the way, between LLC Kyivfud-service and RO FGIU till. To Kiev the lease agreement of 14.12.2017 was signed. No. 7998 in spite of the fact that open criminal proceedings. Actually officials of RO FGIU till. To Kiev do not hurry to notice all complexity of current situation around illegal construction in the territory of Shevchenko's university.
Only after the public resistance to illegal actions from the builder and inaction of officials of the RO FGIU university till. To Kiev also it addressed the builder for the purpose of early cancellation of the contract only in a year after carrying out illegal construction works.

Also the fact that S. Legky at a meeting with the public of 25.07.2018 said that LLC Kyivfud-service put up a fence is interesting and performed construction works for the days off and none of ranking officers of the University saw these events and could react, though after reaction were.
Please note that 12.07.2017 more the Department of city improvement of KGGA gave an assignment to the RC OF "Kyivblagoustroystvo" on work on dismantling of barrier to the address: Melnikov St., 36/1 (number of an assignment 064-7257 of 12.07.2017.) However works were not still performed, moreover LLC Kiivfud-service continued illegal works. What participation in this case the RC OF "Kyivblagoustroystvo" is established now, the fence costs still, despite repeated orders and appeals of public organizations.
In view of, all aforesaid, it is possible to see the following picture of events:
The subject of business activity (LLC Kiivfud-service) breaks a part of a protection of one of the most prestigious higher education institutions of Ukraine both establishes the and begins illegal construction works. Officials of this higher education institution notice year nothing, at the same time inspectors of the RC OF "Kiyevblagoustroystvo", but for some reason notice, having even received an assignment to Department of city improvement of KGGA, too act. On police, it the structure with own understanding of laws - more often selective is torn absolutely off from reality. The District Administration also still does not react, there is a feeling that it in general "pocket" for certain men of weight of our city. And if the public reacts to such connivance by the legislation RO FGIU till can. To Kiev through a competition (we informed as there took place the competition, according to one of participants) signs the lease agreement.
That is, if to use this scheme, then there is everyone can repeat LLC Kiyevfud-service managed what? Isn't it? (Of course we understand that to repeat frankly corruption scheme in which nearly ten of departments, this crime for which it is necessary to be responsible are involved.)
The public organization "Tverdynya" together with journalists of the All-Ukrainian log "The Corrupt Official in Ukraine" continues to understand a situation which still remains relevant (the fence costs, the concrete platform are not dismantled, the contract works, perpetrators are not punished) and to reveal new circumstances and involved officials in allegedly "simple business", namely illegal establishment of a shoddy construction, normal MAFA, however in over the profitable place. To be continued...

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